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Gulet For Sale |Turkish Gulet
Thank you for choosing the website Caiccomania
for your research via the internet, aims to purchase, with CE certification
or class if possible, a Gulet or a Schooner built in Turkey.


On Caiccomania you will find a selection of
gulet used and gulet under construction.Also you can find technical information on turkish caicco in general and on caiques for sale in particular. Their constructional and our guidance for the purchase will be sent via email.

Because of the time trend in economic sales prices can vary, sometimes significantly, from those exposed. Unfortunately, given the large number of vessels it is difficult to apply to all owners about a possible decline in the selling price if not on a monthly basis.
Therefore we suggest that you contact us for a possible update on the sale price of the boats that interest you.

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Gulet For Sale |Turkish Gulet  
Some photos of the construction of a modern Gulet

Caicco_struttura di poppa Caicco_struttura scafo Caicco_paratia stagna zona motore Caicco_tuga e ponte


"Important" We want to remind you that the 99.99 % of gulet that are for sale are not in exclusive sale contract wth the brokers. For this reason, as you have certainly noted, the same boat is located on different sites for both selling, sometimes considerable price differences.  Therefore, if you want news from the conditions of these boats you can contact us for a visit to check it. It is probably a gulet that we know and we will be happy to help you in your final choices.